Slipstream Press announces the winner of the 16th Annual Poetry Chapbook Competition:
trading futures
by Nikki Roszko

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80 pages - 2003 - $7.00

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"Pagan Supper" begins with irreverent excitement burst of energy of "jesus" which guarantees the poet his appointed & anointed place immediately catalogued in readers' minds, as being a Barabbas, a banshee, or perhaps the re-incarnation of real truth kept from the innocent, until this last state, for fear humanity could not, would not, be able to cope with reality...Dan's words come to him from notes on life, good and bad. He nibbles edges of daily thought, entices then awaits our need to partake of this czarist diorama. Excellent work."

--Joyce Metzger (excerpt from [jmetzgerpoetryreviews] Digest Number 80)

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