jim christ


liquid life

from salty tides of life
lately I've been sipping.
work is flat calm bayside.
all those million humped oceans
are behind and beyond.

wellsprings of fever pitch
and wild discovery are over
hills not wandered
for decade or so.

long gone rivers of sweetwater
come sneaking back
as pieces of rain.

beaches where waves only lap
instead of crash do fine.

these days I surf in clouds.


life's a damn james

waste of rad toy if you ask me.
freaking silver spyder slipped stupidly.

I knew a white '58 coupe reuter body. sleek,
with enough horsepower to fool ya in the twitches.

damn james, she was under your foot, in your h
and bro!
she was crying your name in fever pitch rpm's and gushing.

she'd do anything for you with just a bare hairtrigger touch.
she was loaded with the bullets of you, james. held to head.

you were the lone ranger driving your own silver bullet, james.
you were wearing your silverscreen mask you stupid bastard,

had fooled yourself into a movie of yourself that didn't fly
and were mistaken in that last no second take moment - james.

damn, Dean. that was a weak last scene.


new clear cobalt blues

somewhere far
from soothe of sunrise
somewhere dark
torrential current
death grip undertows

nearby vacuums
suck indigo din
light collapses
sequential falls
broken flows

spun aqua whirlpools
tween dives of azure
off cliffs of sapphire
with geronimo calls
in key of cobalt blues


tanka this

caves of trees
wood squared and painted
winding rows
ponder forests, eh
bondaged by wires



jim christ

all things considered
(theotherside) audio
     author is currently a technical illustrator/graphic artist of northern california. he was born in New York and moved to Los Angeles in the mid 60's. After adolescence in LA and a tour in the Air Force, max relocated to San Francisco and then Sonoma County where he started a serigraphy studio and service as well as jobbing at everything from construction to truck-driving. As founder and manager of Wild Boar Productions, Jim promoted and produced Truck Competitions and Shows as well as musical events in small and large venues in the wine country of northern California as well as contributing studio work and graphix. Has been described as an ocean that's only six inches deep.

     At this time is assembling a body of work in linocut and woodcut in preparation for a show at the California Museum of Fine Art in Santa Rosa (this is going very slowly).

     When Jim isn't working, he's usually scribbling down these little groups of symbols that somehow paint the edges of this thing called life.

climbmax aka jim christ

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