carter monroe


imbibed riffs #2

at what point did happenstance
become a neural life form
allowing awol journeys to survive
in a cesspool of false consciousness
bacterial metaphors bleep across
the mindís inherent screen alive
the protocolís been swept out
with the morning paper and the roaches
ďmythic proportionsĒ sounds cool
if youíve never been to mexico
salient protagonists reek of tequila
when the desert yields transient footprints
cop a plea is always the best out
though john locke might not concur
frisk me in substantive objectivity
but donít touch me "there" . . .
and donít mash my cigarettes


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Parallel Enigmas
Parallel Enigmas

Carter Monroe with Eric C. Harrison

Third Lung Press

carter monroe

     Carter Monroe lives, works, and writes in the provinces. His novel, Journey, was published in January 2001. He participated in a conspiratorial effort with Robert Canipe and Tim Peeler entitled Writers on the Storm. Both of these books can be purchased at most major book chains as well as the traditional internet outlets. Recent poems and stories have appeared in Poems Niederngasse, Poethia, Third Lung Review, Thunder Sandwich, The Americana Poetry Consortium, Lost and Found Times, and The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature.

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