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o.k...let's bring it on ...deadline is october 31st...if you need a short additional extension of time...please SAY so before this deadline and i'll provide..just so i know ahead of time

ok i'm using the old grafitti board for any addtional questions/suggestions and answers...please keep in touch HERE:

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previous info:

these publications are seperate from online issues!

these special publications are open to all contributors of but you are not obligated to participate ---

please read carefully everything below.

  • submissions will include poetry, prose, essays, art, photography, a special links section for those who participate that want their own mags, zines, places of interest listed.

  • now the only means of publication i am capable of are chapbook style (which i can go 100 pages) or spiral (as many pages is this limit) so, it'll be either/or depending on content submitted---these ways i can accomplish fairly easily and quickly with the equipment i have available...

  • there will be a fee for these publications to cover paper, ink, print costs etc... you know the routine. however any contributor in these print publications will receive a free copy for their participation and acknowledgement. any left over monies (yea right lol) will be directed toward the next print issue or domaIn.

these publications of as a ‘print’ magazine will be distributed biannually ---

1st print issue - january 1st 2003
2nd print issue – july 1st 2003

---- not to confuse regular submissions with the print version of the hold please keep this email address handy if you are going to participate in the print editions.

this email address will be the ONLY ONE used for the hold INPRINT submissions


    January 1st, 2003 print publication
  • the first issue will be black/white - including graphics, photography etc... - be aware: if you submit color art/color graphics/color photography you give permission to convert your piece to black and white for first publication - also if you think i'll fuck-up your art/graphic/photography piece (i'm not high-tech with my equipment) please refrain from these kinds of submissions. heh

  • submissions will be taken from september 1st 2002 and the DEADLINE for 1st PRINT ISSUE is OCTOBER 31st 2002 - FIRM!

  • submit 1-2 pieces although 1 piece will be used of each author/artist w/credits posted with the piece.

  • art/graphics/photography will be scattered throughout the publication w/credits posted with the piece.

  • submissions may be sent in the body of the e-mail or as attachments to - ONLY

  • be sure to include your name, your COMPLETE address w/zip code (so i know where to send your free copy), e-mail address and website (if available).

  • proofread thoroughly before submitting.

  • by submitting your work you acknowledge that you are the sole author, and maintain all rights for your work. work by you may have been previously published elsewhere. acquires the rights to republish and reproduce your material but all rights remain with the respective author.

  • reproduction, copying, or redistribution for personal or commercial purposes of any materials or design elements of these publications of the hold in print is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of the respective authors/artists.

  • now i'm sure i forgot a buncha stuff but this is enough to think about inside a bathtub bubble...any questions email me at
you, the contributors of pride yourself in presenting to our readers the best contemporary writing on the internet and now i invite you all to participate in the 1st (limited-haha) edition of the hold INPRINT. i can only deem this endeavor one fuckin' success!

** note: these may be the only 2 print issues i feel like publishing or maybe not -lol **

who knows someday we'll see one of these print issues on ebay with a starting bid of 10 million dollars /18 days remaining...ha!



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