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Henry’s view

Henry Miller passed the island of Poros on his way to
Hydra in 1939 and from the boat he could see straight
into the houses of the Greek families.

Over the years I have always looked at the port of
Poros from the ferryboat trying to catch this view and
today, coming really close to land I suddenly saw the
three story house with the big balcony doors and at
the far end of the big room I saw an old woman on a
chair looking out at the ship.

Here it was at last, the view from The Colossus of
Maroussi: the boat sailing through the streets of
Poros, the old house, the big room and it could be the
same woman now 64 years older.

Maybe she was looking for Henry the same way
I was looking for her.


Mr. Gadget

After four weeks in Greece I have bought:

- eight bottles of the Mythos beer I seldom drink (to get the
Mythos labeled freezer bag for the beach)

- more Nescafe than we can use (to get the baseball cap with
the Nescafe logo)

- Karavaki soap to last one year (to get the white bag with
the logo)

- a twelve-pack of biscuits (to get the sun hat with the
Papadopolous logo)

- a twelve-pack of Scotch-Brite (to get the small kitchen
clock with the Scotch-Brite logo)

When I was holding the two liter bottle of a shampoo we
would never touch, studying the football with the large
logo, my seven-year old son looked at me and told me not
to buy any more “geek stuff”.

I followed his advice but I’ll remember this when he
wants to buy a new box of Cheerios just to get
one more stupid plastic straw.

port with spiroshouse
port with spiroshouse
owens harbor
owens harbor
Poros house


henry denander
HENRY DENANDER lives in Stockholm, Sweden with his wife and young son and he just turned fifty and he works in the daytime with contracts and negotiations and financial stuff for entertainment people but he is also writing and drawing and painting and his book "I Know What She Will Say" with poetry and artwork is available now through BOS Press.
He has illustrated a new Gerry Locklin chapbook and his poems and artwork can be seen in Chiron Review, Nerve Cowboy, Bukowski Review, remark, Thunder Sandwich.

“I Know What She Will Say”“I Know What She Will Say”
20 pages of poems & artwork
Bottle of Smoke Press

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