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fuck suicide

She bleeds on me in lusts passion
my heart in screaming heat
she does not hear
we love we want we need
as things swell
up through
warm wet
vital passages

it emerges
from her throat
from between
gleaming teeth
clot red
like an enraged
spitting cobra
I laugh
as i shoot
eyes... .
much bbq , some rum and no sleep later
on the eve of another monday
where the morning sucks worse than death
and I wait for the alarm clock
to execute
the course of my day.
i prop my eyes up with imaginary hands
to wait for the foul force of
unnecessary reality
to rip the remaining life
from my feeble grip.
there is a lime in my beer
and my daughter smiles with the heat
of a thousand suns

and as for tomorrow

fuck them all...

such is life


and again in the face of no remorse,
i fart...
and no one cares....


may the bluebird of happiness not shit in your breakfast cereal

Jeff Filipski

featured at the
art conspiracy

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Jeff Filipski is originally from Buffalo NY
An artist for over twenty yrs
A member of E.B.M.A. Jazz and Poetry Ensemble
His voice appears on "Enjambment"
His laugh appears on Kurt Nimmos "Bongo Moon
some of his visuals have appeared in:
Deluxe Rubber Chicken
Non Compos Mentis Press
Atticus Review
Pure Light
The Hold
Fubbles Press
There are others whose memories are mostly thought manifest several of which are a product of extensive brain damage and/or are simply not memorable enough to mention...
He tours florida with his artwork trying to convince tourists that his wild forms are really fish, indigenous wildlife, very disturbing still lifes and neuro-self-portraiture...

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