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i wish i’d met Antler when i was 13

anyboy would be cosmically lucky to spend two
months wandering the wilderness alone with Antler:
exploring, discovering the unsingable virtues of
nature. learning he’s been buried under layers and
layers of lies. anyboy might learn that two boys
achieving mutual joy is more manly more godly
more Christ-like than mutual annihilation. anyboy
might learn to swat Baptists like mosquitoes. anyboy
might learn not to be terrified of himself, of his
ability to love. anyboy might not be eaten by ulcers
in 9th grade. anyboy might learn he was born a
legitimate child of the universe. as much as
cottonwood,s buffaloes, meadowlarks, sunflowers, as
much as air, dirt, grass, stars.


making hot love with god, or: god does
have a mouth & it looks a lot like my hand!

The Kingdom of God is spread out over the earth and
people do not see it.

                     -Jesus of Nazareth, Book of St. Thomas

for Antler

on a cool May morning
from my night shift job,
i drove at 6 A.M. to
my favorite place in the country,
near a stream
populated with trees

walked a thin, seldom-traveled trail,
a woodpecker tapped nearby,
i found a clearing,
lay spread-eagle naked
in dirt
facing an overcast sky

God’s warm wet mouth opened,
took me in,
thunder rumbled sensuously,
his windbreath blew in my ear,
down my neck, across my chest,
caressed me all over,
bringing every neuron in my body
to singing life

fat cold drops of rain fell
as me & God
came together


Postcard to Ratboy Re: Why
I Can't Do A Poetry Reading
With Him In Manhattan, Or
Anywhere Else In Kansas

it has finally been driven home
that typical Kansas
wouldn’t know art
if it crawled up their asses
& did the hula

which would be physically impossible
due to a state law
(probably sponsored by Bob Dole)
that precious few escape
requiring Kansans
to have their assholes
sewn shut.


from michael's
new book
cosmic children
cosmic children



chiron review

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     Michael Hathaway founded Chiron Review literary magazine in 1982 at the age of 19. He lives in St. John, KS with 14 cats and roommate Ratboy. He has worked as a typesetter, personal care assistant for the mentally disabled, society editor for daily newspaper and many other odd jobs. This is his first e-zine publication, as far as he knows. He's been published in Atom Mind, Pearl, Gypsy, Blank Gun Silencer, Nerve Cowboy, Medicinal Purposes, Waterways, Cat Fancy and most recently in the anthologies: A Day for a Lay: A Century of Gay Poetry (Barricade); Obsessions: A Flesh and the Word Collection of Gay Memoirs (Penguin), using the pseudonym Jeremy Michaels; and Between the Cracks: The Daedalus Anthology of Kinky Verse.

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