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"emmetsville" exerpt:

....i wake up and touch my head
empty pockets
a crackpipe sits on my chest
take it and walk inside my apartment building
sit down on the bed
insert a rock
pipe to my lips
lighter to the tip of the pipe
starry, fucking night....

kurt lee
read "emmetsville" by kurt lee HERE

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ummm vote for Arnie ? =--> california's TOTAl recall <--= like a fungle jungle (?) ha+++++
yo yo dave...give us an update man...night dave xo cait

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...WELCOME BACK trina!.. this gurl. finally. don't miss her!

Dr. Maura Gage proud to announce The 2004 National Meeting of the Popular Culture Association to be held April 7-10, 2004 in San Antonio, Texas - for more info - PCA info

RON ANDROLA PUBLICATIONS... easy to find ron androla and his books/chaps /cd's - get em here

bart solarczyk...
...just released "old fedora" - you can get this and more magic of the bartman right here

jay miner
...a !website!...or "The perception of being bundled up in shrink-wrap."...a site you can't resist! go HERE (and leave a few cookies in the guestbook.)

Cat's Impetuous Books & stuff - BLURBS - NEW ONLINE BOOKSTORE
...Cheryl 'cat' Townsend specializes in small press publications and true alternative writings. Cat's carries artwork, zines, photography, postcards, used books, and videos. Books On and For Everything From The Classics To Pop Culture To Counter Culture ...visit cat's today for regularly updated BLURBS!

eugene dickens - dickens journal
... otherwise known as #14015-031 (via the federal correctional institution) is on the lookout for PENpals (no pun intended) / for further details visit dickens journal here at

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october 2003

bulletarrow.gif - 67 Bytes Park Quest - Patricia Cherin
- Doom-Ah Books

bulletarrow.gif - 67 Bytes Greatest Hits 1989-2002
- Linda Lerner - Pudding House Publications

bulletarrow.gif - 67 Bytes Sunflower Wars- t. l. kryss
- Bottle of Smoke Press

bulletarrow.gif - 67 Bytes God Save My Queen
- a Tribute by Daniel Nester
- Soft Skull Press

bulletarrow.gif - 67 BytesThe Hotel Sterno- Jeffrey Little
- Spout Press

bulletarrow.gif - 67 Bytes Legion Their Numbers
- John Perlman Elamentations Press
- Ken Harris Editor

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october 2003

Poros house

henry denander
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... that's right now you can advertise your events / new chaps / books / small press / magazines / online zines in upcoming underbeat journals for a deadline/release date: TBA/ don't be cheap spread your ink...and ours! more info

joe mahoney
...Here's a grinder from joe's new band The Sidonians, kind of a BlueCheer-w/-shittier-amps band = "Saturn Jane" + Chastityhat proudly presents "Oct 68" the debut CD
by The Poppies. -> check it all out HERE - yes !

... After a horrific cycling accident, well-known and well-liked zine publisher (My Moon or More, The Secret Life of Snakes) and former TW contributor Cullen Carter lies in a hospital, seriously injured. His fellow DIY writers are organizing a benefit show in Chicago to raise funds to help his family pay for the medical bills. for more info and updates visit the whirligig
- read the flyer and please help!

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star more new book releases

Carter Monroe with Eric C. Harrison
...get together with Carter and Eric with their new poetry chapbook release of
Parallel Enigmas / DON'T wait for this one to be gone / order through Third Lung Press

Alphabet Alliterations - ron androla presents the Pressure Press Poets --- a buncha yer fav poets coolaborating the a-z way - get these FREE ($1.50 s/h fee) while they
last! highlights and list of poets here

...QUALITY GIFTS AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE: books • chapbooks • small press print • audio readings -this section of the hold now UPdated for your convenience...NEW NEW NEW many NEW your favorite poet and the arts! GO

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