Frank J. Marcopolos


Moment on Michigan

Sweat-glistening brow,
Fat consciousness
Beneath the scaffolding

On Michigan Avenue

In the shadow
Of the Chicago
Skyline, mid-day

On Michigan Avenue

A Dumpster Yuppie*
And the object of every man
At last nightís barís desire

On Michigan Avenue

There was pink and
There was pond green and
There was rust red

There, on Michigan Avenue.

Everythingís in perpetual motion
But one thingís Still forever

On Michigan Avenue

* = Phrase courtesy of Ann Sterzinger.

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Frank J. Marcopolos (rhymes with metropolis) lives above a tombstone store in Brooklyn, NY, and thinks far too much about death. He also writes for, edits, and publishes the critically acclaimed litzine, The Whirligig. He sometimes uses a pseudonym.

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