Creative Writing Poetry Submissions and Paper Proposals on Popular Culture Poetry/
Poets for the 2003 Popular Culture Association Conference

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
contact information:
Dr. Maura Gage
Michael Basinski

The panels I would like to create for the Poetry Area of the 2003 Popular Culture Association Conference to be held in New Orleans, Louisisana, include two types of proposals:

  1. Read your own original poetry, 15-20 minutes with brief question and answer period; please include eight sample poems along with your letter; or
  2. Present your scholarship on the works of a poet (past or present) with popular appeal. This type of presentation will consist of reading a paper and holding a brief question and answer period, 20 minutes. Please send a one page abstract of your paper along with your letter.
Please include in your letter your accurate/current address, phone number, and e mail address. This is extremely important. Thank you.

The proposal deadline for these panels is September 19, 2002, so that I may report my panel information by October 1, 2002.

Please be advised that the PCA/ACA conference participants must adhere to the rule of one presentation per person.

All writers of accepted proposals will be furnished with further information concerning conference registration, hotel accommodations, and other pertinent information. In the mean time, I am happy to answer any questions that you may have, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Dr. Maura Gage

  Dr.Maura Gage
Division of Liberal Arts
Louisiana State University at Eunice
P.O. Box 1129
Eunice, LA 70535

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