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readers/ this is one helleva collection
packed with the holds
most prominent contemporary poets /artists /photographers and special guestfeatures. you don't want to miss this one


-ron androla -Michael Basinski -Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal -alan catlin -jim jazz chandler -jim christ -dave church -cait collins -Henry Denander -scott draGOO -RC Edrington -eric harrison -Michael Hathaway -Donna Hill -jeff filipski -maura gage -s.a. griffin -Theodore Knapsack -Lewis LaCook -Jamie Lepore -lyn lifshin -Joseph Lisowski -Jeffrey Little -duane locke -joe mahoney -Frank Marcopolos -jan mc Laughlin -jay miner -Philipe Nico -Nicholas morgan -Carter Monroe -Sheila Murphy -charlie nast -Tim Peeler -jonathan penton -sara T punk -david roskos -chloe ryan -dan sicoli -bart solarcyzk -Cheryl ‘cat’ townsend -Joseph Graves ‘Malakai’ Trotter -Rebecca Wilson


- in step with Michael Basinski -
• & IN THE BEGINNING - an interview with E. R. Baxter III

• special guest contributor poet photographer t.k. splake

• "Through A Glass Eye Darkly" pt 2 by dickens -
from the El Reno federal correctional institution


featuring the art of filipski

and included in journal #2 - for your collection -
8 x 10 (landscape) copy of filipski's
sam & irene
quality photo matte paper/vinyl sleeve'd
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sam and irene
------------------------ART - PHOTOGRAPHY----------------------

bill beaver

Luis Cuauhtemoc
Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
cait collins


eric harrison



nicholas morgan
charlie nast
charlie nast
chloe ryan
chloe ryan
cat townsend
cat townsend
144pgs (c-c) 8 1/2 x 11 spiralbound
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Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 13:00:25 EDT
Hi Cait,
I received The Hold print journal a couple of weeks ago, along with a kick-
ass picture and a thoughtful note. I jst want to thank you for sending
me a copy and let you know that I'm honored to be included in Issue #3.
I've enjoyed reading #2, recognize many of the names. It's ecclectic and fun.
Thanks again, Cait. Rock on and keep up the fine words.-NG

To:"Cait Collins" Subject:nice, nice job on the print version
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 12:15:53 -0700
Brava! You did a fine job, m’dear. CONGRATULATIONS,
and happy to be included! SEM

Subject:Re: sept hold/ UNDERBEAT #3 INFO
Date:Sun, 17 Aug 2003 23:11:28 EDT

the latest issue of the hold in print is awesome. i especially appreciate the prints.
gotta get some picture frames for my buk and filipski. i already
have a filipski original that i took on the plane with me from florida
on my b-room wall. now i got another.

From : jf
Subject : journal
Date : Sat, 9 Aug 2003 11:34:09 EDT
Hey Cait,
super job on the journal. fucking super. Thank you and the pleasure has been mine
Seems like a awful lot of work but i believe some day you will get the proper payoff.
its been sock puppet time and the puter is still on the blink. spent three
hours on the phone between aol and dell. each of them passing the buck
back and forth. i got discouraged so ive been avoiding the machine for the
past week or so. so i dont do something hostile to it.
school starting. got my 15 yr old moving back here permanently on the 15th.
he thinks he can kick my ass, now. I've got to hide my shotgun. hehe.
your the best, lady
Subject:Re: yooo whooooo~~~AUGUST izzzzYAYyyyyyyyyyyy
Date:Thu, 07 Aug 2003 23:19:45 +0000
goTsZ---mine!! chicA!!!1---WoW---coloRsxzxzxzxzxzxzxz
aWWw---yuh did an AWsomE joB! --i read ---and read ----===loved yuh
theres lots I liked mater factsxzxz---nd goon
a post what liked tonXZXzx---on messagE board ----so0nsz---
Subject:underbeat #2
Date:Thu, 07 Aug 2003 14:31:39 -0500
I got my copy of the 2nd underbeat journal!
It's the shit, cait, it's really the shit..
it's even better than the first one..
thank you thank you thank you!

got it and great issue - red all about underbeat yesterday night and
enjoyed it all - grand work - wonderful.
It is the best of mags.

Posted by Cait's Love on 8/5/2003
Of course she's wonderful in every way possible.
Cait thanks for the great journal like always.
You know your the best in my book.
xoxoxoxoxoxo me

received the underbeat journal yesterday: fine issue,
good to meet Mr. Baxter, very interesting interview,
thank Basinski for that interview.L

hey cait,
got underbeat #2--really cool, love being in it!
Cheers, Joe

I am looking at the new Underbeat.
All I can say is Holy Fuck!
I have stumbled thru the small press for years.
This is the best fucking journal I have ever held in my hands.
You are a fucking national treasure. I mean that!
Let's do sex sometime.RC

hey cait, got my hold underbeat, great shit. you are a

Subject: underbeat journal #2
aha! the second print issue of cait's arrived
in the mail today --
it's like christmas in july! amazing!
thanks for all yr hard work!

isn't sam & irene the bestest!!!

RE: underbeat journal #2
It's here & it's wonderful. Gotta get a frame for sam & irene.

RE: underbeat journal #2

Got mine today. Christ, what a piece of work! Cait deserves a hell of a lot
of credit for compiling such a collection of work in one outstanding
bundle. That's what you call dedication above and beyond.

hey cait--
thank you for the free extra beats. wild issue. love the baxter piece--heard
him read it about a year ago. pretty solid stuff throughout the issue.
now go take a well earned rest..........
--goobers & raisonettes,d hey cait--

i am unbelievable antsy over the arrival of my CC--"underbeat" journal-
publication, telephone call from carter monroe, last pm right before my
slummer-zzzzzzzzz's couching it retreat, and, he said he had his copy and,
kudos and congrats were too mild a reflection on the GREAT LITERARY caitland production,
so cc's pub is great, cc's pub, CAN'T WAIT,

hOLD arrived toda y in the mail.
it's huge.
and very good.
you're a very talented and
darling brilliant etc etc
.purse on.
takecare cait

Got Underbeat today & I've been checking it out since I got home from work.
I took a personal day tomorrow so I'm starting my 3 day weekend in style
& this makes it that much better.
You rock!
P.S. I think I'd have eaten that bananna!

Thanks Cait,
got mag in mail. wow, beautiful, impressive. digging basinski's interview
w baxter III. inerestin'.
whole package reminds me of BOULLIBASE, Ana & Dave Christy's magazine.
Thanks for doin it, & usin my work too

persued and read deep an wide in the pages, liked the BAXTER interview very much, esp the mention of the rarely noted bro brautigan work, THE ABORTION, and, of course, my favs carter monroe, thunder chander, and, a fine tim peeler verse too, thank you again and again, and then, you guessed it AGAIN for the almost embarrassing spread for the tks-ster, fine collection of photos and poems and, also great mix of the shorter with the longer works, NOTE
it almost boggles the literary cunnard (brain-skull cavvvvvvvvv) in adddition, a chance to learn all about "the banana shark fairy," very clever and quite cait original,... best cheers t

Posted by rc on 8/5/2003, 1:17 pm
Holy FUCK!!!!
#2 kicks some serious ass.
Cait your the hottest thing since jalapeno cheese bread. THANK YOU! / underbeat journal #1/reviews

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