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the 1st - underbeat journal
all your favs IN_YER_FACE (and hands)
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Talking Pictures
S.A. Griffin w/ Michael Montfort on
Charles Bukowski
the 1st u n d e r b e a t print journal is jam-packed with 41 of the holds
prominent contemporary poets /artists /photographers
=here's the real deal=
W. Laura Alleman -ron androla -Michael Basinski -alan catlin -jim JAZZ chandler -jim christ -cait collins -lynne douglass -scott draGOO -tyler evans -jeff filipski -maura gage -s.a. griffin -j m hash -Michael Hathaway -Donna Hill -Lewis LaCook -Jamie lepore -lyn lifshin -Joeseph Lisowski -duane locke -joe Mahoney -Joseph Graves ‘Malakai’ Trotter -Frank Marcopolos -jan mc Laughlin -didi menendez -jay miner -Carter Monroe -nicholas morgan -Sheila Murphy -charlie nast -Elaine Nimmo -Tim Peeler -jonathan penton -dave pishnery -sara T punk -dan sicoli -bart solarcyzk -chloe ryan -Cheryl ‘cat’ townsend -Rebecca Wilson
and don't miss these essays
• "Given the Fact That There Are Still Poets and There is This History to the Small Press and Other Matters"
    by michael basinski
• "Through A Glass Eye Darkly" by dickens - from the El Reno federal correctional institution

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