Chloe Ryan


~global break down~

the world is going insane
long term tendencies
have finally overwhelmed the host
and the imminent disintegration
is becoming a visual reality

all the scapegoats are in hiding
leaving nowhere to displace blame
for adverse reactions
to environmental conditioning
far evading medication's reach

homicidal, suicidal, pesticidal
extermination comes in many forms
the vermin celebrate each small victory
that leads to the genocide of humanity
one tragedy at a time

stripping away reason
with renegade mentality
overtaking the decency
disguising itself as holy deliverance
to control the powerless

and in the end
short in coming on our course
there will be no straight jacket
strong enough to hold the products
of the soulless attrition


~Custom Fit~

there is a simplicity in loving you
with great ease in to my body
you flip my mental switch
and suddenly, I remember
what it's like
to be challenged again

with every gesture you make
spilling over me with longing
I absorb you, feverently
you press against me- hot
and smooth my wrinkles
so that I am new again

you bring value to me;
priceless and I feel it
as I display myself
hanging well around your hips
fitting as though tailored
just for you


~expulsion: product of revoltion~

you are the chip bag
I left open that
accidentally got kicked
and hidden underneath the couch
and after a month of apathy
I muster the moxy to clean
and pull you out
my excitement spikes
for I have almost forgotten
the flavor
that I once craved
so I reach inside
and take a handful
and bite in to taste you

disappointed, I find
that just like the day
I kicked you under the couch
to begin with
you lack substance
and are stale and tasteless
but for reasons
unknown even to me
I keep on chewing
even while choking on you
and swallow you down whole
I am surprised later
when I am expelling
your poison from my system
to find you even more rancid
the second time around


the missing piece
of your half assed love
can kiss the whole
of my sweet ass



Chloe Ryan


      BIO: Chloe Ryan is 34 but clinging to "chick status". She has 20 poems in a poetry book "Dark Nights", has her own book, "Leaving Yesterday", published by Crazy Horse Publishing, and was recently published in The Dream People and Nirvana Flats. She's rumored to being doing something at the 2003 Pop Culture Association's Annual Conference, but then again, there are probably many rumors about her...she only admits to the good ones. She claims "life is so full of possibilities and the thrill of the unknown is so great".

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