S. A. Griffin


America Poem

it was the pledge of allegiance
to the flag
it was the pledge of allegiance
it was our country 'tis of thee
New Yorkers that never saw a cow
cows that never saw a city
mothers fathers sons and daughters
the born and unborn
it was a house that was always there
like wood and brick eternity
it was gold silver oil
it was t.v. that was American
it was "made in the U.S.A."
it was small towns that was somewhere else
big cities that was everywhere else

that was somewhere

it was a wheel
it was wheels
it was the Wizard of Oz white man ethic that
snuck into grandma's womb and exploded like
Pandora's box over the rising sun

all hail the glory that was God!

it was deliverance
lovers and lies that were promises
birds piloting over silent streams of sky
it was dreams and dreaming
and it was flying higher than God
it was faith
pure and uncut
it was spent cartridges that hammered our dreams
fast to reality
it was Monroe Garbo Harpo Chico Groucho
Gone With The Wind
The Babe and baseball
hearts filled with hotdogs and homeruns
jazz pouring out of speakeasies like
hot pepper sauce over flat tongues
Gary Cooper and High Noon
Hank Williams Pete Seeger Huddie Ledbetter and
was an eager young debutante
in soft white and pink crinoline and taffeta dresses
and waves of waterfall tresses
in love with
storybook princes and princesses
it was
"I have been to the mountaintop"
assassinations and angry black clouds of riot
it was the coming of age of Harlow and Hitler
and the bastardization of Nietzche by
Hitler and Hollywood
blonde breasts sagging into fading hairlines
it was desperate to be un-understood leaders
who wanted to follow
it was a generation of giants and giantesses
spawned by chrome gods and goddesses
in the backfields of glorious horse
Chevys Fords Mercurys Oldsmobiles Chryslers and Buicks
that longed to become
it was men who hated men
pathetic pawns of power
begging for manhood
borne of paper
thrusting accusations of
"communist, red faggot, nigger, wop, spic, kike, white trash, whore"

it was a time
it is a time

it is America

it is a can opener
a microwave
a long distance telephone call
satellite Jesus crucified by capitalist commanders
hip new fads of neon nostalgia
sitcoms t.v. dinners
used used cars
fast fast cars
55 miles per hour
fast fast food
and the killing that rages unresolved in the
french fried inside and outside

the headlines the hairlines the waistlines

it is the dead inside of a quarter pounder with cheese
and the masturbated sesame seeds of love that
should have
it is valleys of vines
plains of corn and wheat and dyed red meat
cut picture perfect
estrogen fed chickens with centerfold breasts
it is a single stalk of corn
growing out of a crack in the sidewalk
on a Hollywood streetcorner
it is forty years of fallout
and four hundred more
it is the one that got away
the soulmate perfect one
it is the perfection of imperfection
and the searching for truth
it is the heartland
it is America
it is the great love and admiration
the stifling addled ambition
it is the people and the truth
which is somewhere searching in a
rambling car that only stops for
dollar gas
hot coffee
then races off again over the stoic face of
what is America

your livingroom
your livingroom
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S.A.'s bust of bukowski
collage by S A Griffin
sabillboardsm.jpg - 11085 Bytes
Billboard at the corner of Hillhurst

Sunset & Hollywood Blvds.
in Los Angeles, August 2002
Poem by S.A. Griffin
photo by Jesse Hopkins.

3.09.2000 - s. a. griffin

S. A. Griffin
green hills memorial park - march 9. 2000

S.A. Griffin is a crash vampire living in Los Angeles. He is a Cadillac wrangling son of the Lone Star State. His mother was Venus on the halfshell, and his father was a used car salesman. He is rhythm and oxygen.

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