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What Willis was talkin' about...

'Round here,
if you mute the tv
early in the morning
while it's still dark,
you can hear the nearby rooster.
If you look out my front door,
you can usually see cows
or a flock of guineas.

And just down the road
there's a green teepee
made out of poles and a plastic tarp.
One time, the tarp was gone
and what stood there
was just a cone of poles
with a metal folding chair inside.

A bit further along
is a bedspring fence
surrounding an entire yard.
The mattress skeletons
are nearly obscured by weeds.
I'm not sure if anyone lives there.

If you were to head in the other direction
you'd encounter a tiny, spooky house.
It's pink and blue
and disguised as a printshop,
but who goes to a printshop
in the middle of nowhere..?
Or at 3 in the morning for that matter?
I figure they sell crank.

Next door to that place
is the crazy jesus guy
with jesus slogans
all over his truck.
He lives in a shack
he formed out of scraps.
His whole yard is a junkpile.

A friend of mine told me
I live in a Tom Waits song.

______________________________________________ Have a nice day! hehehe Or at least a weird one.

--Sara T. Biggun



Sara T. Punk was born and raised in a vile little church town in northeastern Oklahoma. ...about 5,000 very oppressive people and 32 churches...'nuff said.

sara T punk

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