dan sicoli


second to the serpent


her tongue, a scissors lopping off limbs
her hair, a weekend in paupers' field
her nails like worms drying on a driveway
her shoes are second to the serpent
she walks leaving abysmal remnants, desert bones, catacombs

her eyes, stale images of marilyn monroe
her mouth is not domesticated
her breath, second to the serpent
her presence sparks indigenous thought
and she'll offer turbulence, fire fight, extinction

her fists gush through the black obelisk
her incisors are second to the serpent
her swagger, born from the spoils of criminals
her milkweed breasts greased in soldiers' blood
as she howls behind smokestacks, gears, industrial drums

her horns are second to the serpent
her feet trample stolen children
her will ferments in late summer
her domain, an unleashed kite
as she claws to the isle unphased by jet stream, high tide, whirlpool


she lures you
a concubine of secrets
massages your weaknesses
elicits your trust
her hourglass figure dispenses oblivion

in the end
she dissolves
into tantrums
too late to dilute the poison


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Dan Sicoli

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     Dan Sicoli (Niagara Falls, N.Y.) is co-founder and co-editor of Slipstream Magazine & Press, now in its 22nd year of publishing. His chapbook, Pagan Supper (2002), is available from Pudding House Publications. He guest edited the September 2002 issue of Stirring. Other recent work has appeared in Sometimes City, Opium, and Atomic Petals. He dries his own plumb tomatoes.
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