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fuckin' up a wet dream

at condom kingdon
on south street
in philadelphia
5 pretty good
looking guys surrounding
a glass enclosure
as big as
as if to block the display inside
as if to hide embarrassment
as if anyone that
caught them peekin'
would actually care and
they didn't look
tenderly focusing on the contents
dotingly whispering to one another
softly girlie giggling
evidently inexperienced with
enhancements enlargements pills
adult boytoys
pointing a loverly finger
at this one that one not
sure which
penis extension
would do
the trick

and i was sure
the ripe recognizable
aroma from
over a shoulder was
fcuk [for him[mmmmm
too bad for me they were
fags]]]but i said
'dudes those things don't
really work...'

another sweet customer
shuffled over handcuffed
to his designer
jeans belthole
stared into the enclosure too...
'... i used some
of those things on my friend...
your best bet would be
one of those strap-ons
over there hung
along the wall next to
the vibrating
anal beads...
the ones with
interchangeable cock sizes...'

and they looked over there then
at one another
then at me
so did the beltholehandcuff customer
without saying a word
cheeks cherrying as
they walked off and
unbuyable puffy plastic blowup
spermwhales in pink and blue
lynched via invisible strings
scatterly swimming scantily
through the tide of
the entire ceiling
i wanted them for my own
instead opted
for the vanilla
body butter and


tongue pierthingths are thuper

iths not that i talk thith way
all of the time

iths juth becauths
i hadta open my big mouth
thpread it ath wide ath
i poththiply could
tho pj
the thlamdunk totally thwamped with wild and
crathy gothic tattooths and pierthingths
all over himthelf and
one hunk
of a body pierther
could thick that thick
thraight through
the heart of
my tongue


mother tongue

drunk on listerine almost
every day
2 weeks pass
i no longer talk funny
the swelling's gone down tho
it wasn't that bad
feeling like
i had a stiff dick
in my mouth for the duration
and since
the 14 guage
tongue bar piercing
i have collected these fancy little
barbells with balls
that screw unscrew onto
the top of the
surgical steel shaft
balls with a message
fuck you
[the one i display now]
another says
lick me and another
hey shithead
vibrant little
tiny multicolored
koosh balls with
soft suppl pointeee tipthings
protruding from the center all around
i am mother tongue
i am just about
ready for some new


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